Oakley Holidays   90th Anniversary Year
Established in 1919
Registered Charity No. 1093381
Limited Company No. 4487467
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The Story of Oakley 1919 – 2009
a new book by Lewis Kent

The Story of Oakley

To coincide with the 90th Anniversary of the Oakley Holidays a new book has been published which tells the story of Oakley …. so far.

The author is Lewis Kent who first attended an Oakley Holiday in 1965 and is now a Trustee and Treasurer of the Holidays. He was awarded an M.B.E. by the Queen in 2007 in recognition of his work for Oakley.

In writing the book Lewis has drawn on opinions, recollections, photographs and information provided a large number of those who have attended and still attend the Holidays as well as his personal knowledge of Sunny Henderson and ‘Eggs’ Willis’ who ran the first Holiday at Ardingly in the summer of 1919.

Birmingham publisher Bob Weaver, a former Oakley attender and a school friend of Lewis, has lent his expertise to the style, lay–out and format of the book.

In the ‘Story of Oakley’ there are 16 short chapters, each illustrated with a large number of photographs, both in black and white and colour, of people, events and venues from the past 90 years of Oakley Holidays.

Copies of ‘The Story of Oakley’ can be obtained from Lewis Kent at 146, Farmlea Road, Paulsgrove, Portsmouth PO6 4SQ
Lewis and Bob Weaver Lewis and Peter Downes
Lewis with Peter Downes, Chairman of the Oakley Trustees Lewis with book publisher Bob Weaver
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