Oakley Holidays
Established in 1919
Registered Charity No. 1093381
Limited Company No. 4487467
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 About us

GroupEstablished in 1919, Oakley Holidays is a registered charity organised on a voluntary, not-for-profit basis, and run to provide opportunities for young people primarily aged between 12~18.

Holidays for up to 100 people are held during school Easter and Summer breaks and last for one week. We currently hire the facilities of Bilton Grange Preparatory School at Dunchurch, just south of Rugby, Warwickshire.

Our purpose:

The Charity's objects are to benefit children aged 12~18 through their leisure time activities, specifically through the provision of holidays, so as to develop their physical, mental and spiritual well-being, in order that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society.

musicOur aims:

To provide an affordable holiday for young people.

To encourage young people to take part in sporting activities, to promote healthy exercise, and to learn to balance competition with a sporting attitude.

To provide an environment in which individual potential can be encouraged and leadership skills developed.

groupTo provide opportunities for young people to discuss issues of a social and spiritual nature, and issues of contemporary concern, in a relaxed, informal and non-prejudicial atmosphere.

To provide a network of opportunities for young people to remain in touch with each other and with the issues raised during the holidays.

To encourage young people to be full and active members of the community, at school, college, university and in the wider world.

To encourage young people to develop an understanding of the wider world and the implications for them as future citizens.

How we operate

Young people aged between 12~18 are invited from across England and Wales, with invitations made personally by existing holiday participants. Many of the senior leaders and trustees were invited when they themselves were of school age.

gameOakley Holidays is not a typical adventure or outdoor pursuit activity holiday. Although many of the daily events are centred on sport, we do not undertake so-called 'hazardous' activities such as rock-climbing, canoeing or abseiling.

Some novel games have evolved over the history of the holidays, and many have been adapted to enable people of different abilities and ages to participate and enjoy the challenge of competition, played in a friendly spirit.

By creating this environment, participants are able to develop their individual and team skills, and enjoy the activities with everybody else on the holiday, regardless of difference. Moreover, while sport is a fundamental component of our programme, we undertake many other creative, artistic and reflective activities throughout the holiday.

As a responsible organisation, we conduct a risk-assessment on all of our activities, with leaders trained in basic first-aid, and qualified life-saving supervision provided for use of the swimming pool.

All participants submit a confidential medical form prior to attending the holiday, so leaders are aware of and can respond to special health needs.For details about the range and variety of activities, and the approach we seek to promote, please see our Activities section.

talkAll leaders aged over 16 are asked to undertake a check with the CRB, and we provide regular training and support for all people who take on leadership responsibility at both an Annual Conference, and before and during each holiday. We monitor the introduction of relevant legislation to ensure we continue to satisfy all statutory requirements in relation to our activities.

We maintain and review various policies in the light of statutory requirements and best practice, and we make these freely available upon request.

Our registered charity (Oakley Holidays - Charity No.1093381) and limited company status (Oakley Holidays Limited - Company No. 4487467) can be inspected at the Charity Commission and Companies House respectively, and details are available online (subject to availability of the web sites). More details on our legal status can be found in the Legal section.

groupParents, guardians and carers of people invited to the holidays are put in touch with a Senior Leader of the organisation who is then able to answer any questions and discuss concerns.

Full information about the holidays is provided to all attendees. Names of the Trustees are provided on the Trustees page. Please do not hesitate to use the Contact section on this website if you wish a trustee or local senior leader to contact you at any time.

 News and dates

Diary Dates

Leaders' Conference 2018
St Mark's College, Saffron Walden
16th-18th February

Easter 2018
Bilton Grange
31st March - 7th April

Summer 2018
Bilton Grange
28th July - 4th August

Easter 2019
Bilton Grange
13th April - 20th April

Summer 2019
Bilton Grange
27th July - 3rd August

Latest News From Oakley

October 2017

newsletterIssue 41 of the Oakley Newsletter has been published. Members have been sent details about how to access this. Many thanks to our editor Hayden Cole and all those who contributed to this jam-packed edition.

August 2017

charity activityA report and a selection of photos of the Summer holiday held at Bilton Grange are available here.

August 2017

charity activityOakley members supported various charities and engaged in several environmental activities at the Summer holiday. A report and photographs are available here.

April 2017

cirenOakley members supported various charities and engaged in several environmental activities at the Easter holiday. A report and photographs are available here.

April 2017

neewsletterA report and a selection of photos of the Easter holiday held at Bilton Grange are available here.

March 2017

The Oakley Ciren has been published. Members have been sent copies in the post. Many thanks to Alice Murray, our new editor, for this bumper edition.

 The Story of Oakley
The Story of Oakley
90 Years of Oakley


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